Our flagship chopper has an “in your face” profile that demands attention, yet it is flawlessly balanced and meticulously designed with rider’s comfort in mind. The Warlord has a rebellious charisma and is a modern interpretation of a classic icon. Don’t let the monster profile of the Warlord fool you, our premium chopper may rip the pavement off the road, but the ride is uncompromisingly smooth.

Standard Equipment

  • 2-Year Factory Warranty
  • Natural 96ci; 1566cc S&S engine black
  • Solid Paint
  • 80 Spoke Wheels
  • Right Side Drive 6-Speed Transmission

Optional Upgrades

  • 4 Levels of special paint including entirely custom
  • Polished engine and transmission
  • Polished Billet Wheels
  • Chrome Package
  • Black Package
  • S&S 111ci Engine
  • S&S V100 EFI Engine


  • Paint
  • Finishes
  • Accessories
  • Wheels